Monday, July 11, 2016

Why you should not support Zakir Naik?

Why you should not support Zakir Naik?
1) He is an innovator (mubtadi’). He practices things which have never been practiced by the companions of prophets or currently practiced by the acknowledged Muslim scholars of today.
2) In a well known Hadith Prophet Muhammad has prohibited his companion Umar (R) not to handle other people’s scriptures. Even though Prophet Muhammad claimed that he was foretold in previous scriptures he never tried to prove it by examining other people’s scriptures or encouraged others to do so even when he had a chance.
3) If Zakir Naik methods are so great why it is not promoted or practiced by the Arab Islamic learning centers?
4) Freedom of faith is not a one way road. Will Muslim countries allow proponents of other faiths to do to Islam what Zakir Naik does to them? I believe they should not. Nor should they allow Zakir to do it!
5) Who are ready to support the following statements of Zakir Naik?
“there is no death penalty for apostates in Islam, until the apostate starts to preach against islamic teachings; then he can be put to death”
“regarding building of churches or temples, how can we allow this when their religion is wrong and when their worshiping is wrong?”
(References from Wikipedia)
6) Zakir methods will breed only resentment in other religious followers and a false sense of superiority in members of Muslim community, thus affecting inter-religious harmony. For example as an Indian Muslim I consider Zakir Naik to be a great nuisance to Indian Muslims, creating religious discord and worsening Muslim’s situation there, all for nothing. If he had done something to better the position of Indian Muslims it would have been welcome, which of course is not his cup of tea.

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